Raw Unprocessed Cow’s MILK
Quality assured cow’s milk fresh from the farm.

We source and supply fresh ex-farm milk up to load sizes of 28,000 litres to a variety of specifications including specific provenance and organic origin. Either everyday collection or every other day collection (EODC) is available and all milk is supplied from Farm Assured producers accredited to the ‘Red Tractor’ standard, helping to give clients confidence in the welfare of animals in the supply chain.

We offer supply contracts of differing terms, from monthly to annually or a rolling ‘evergreen’ contract with appropriate break clauses. Our clients include retail milk dairies, cheese manufacturers and fresh product processors throughout Europe.

We are continually active in the ‘spot’ milk market balancing the seasonal fluctuations that the dairy industry is renowned for, managing a surplus of milk through the Spring Flush into Summer, and sourcing milk for our clients through the Autumn trough when milk supply can be low.

Specification Downloads

Raw Milk

Red Tractor Specification

Organic Raw Milk

Red Tractor Specification